Eastern Promise meal

Over 60 people attended the annual themed meal- in 2018 this was Eastern Promise. There were nine different meals on offer, some very spicy and others not, so there was something to suit everyone. Of course, most people tried several, if not all! Over £850 was raised for church funds

There are 20 photos for this gallery.
Service begins Alison is early in the queue Some are waiting their turn
Michael waiting alone! Juliet and Caroline chat while waiting Howard serving wine
George checkong he has not missed anything Still a long queue Service in full swing
Cath & Jenny share a joke Susan makes a selection Anne & Dave
Anne serves fish bites in sweet & sour sauce the queue gets even bigger George is onto the cheese noard!
all are eating Hilda at the raffle but has some food time to relax
relaxing and discussing quiz this table won the quiz