Medieval Banquet Bolton Castle

St Matthews fundraising team organised a medieval banquet at Bolton Castle and around 50 people attended, many in period costume. All enjoyed an excellent meal provided by Sue Fairhurst's team, followed by appropriate music on a harp.
Rev Michael was dressed as a monk and was challenged to wear the outfit to church the following morning. He agreed only if he was sponsored and it raised over £100. It did, so he was obliged to take morning service at both St John's and St Mathew's in costume!

There are 15 photos for this gallery.
Michael and Auriel wait to greet guests Chris, Anne and Kathleen arrive Tim and Juliet
David and Giselle wait at the castle entrance David, Kathleen and Giselle (almost unrecognisable!) Adrian looking like the BFG!
Michael welcoming everyone Food is served to one of the tables Second table awaitng their turn for food
Michael & Gisele in discussion Anne and John enjoy the pork Susan delivers a monologue
The harp being expertly played Michael waiting to take Service at St John's Tim, Michael, Juliet, Kathleen, Anne and Chris in Castle grounds