Dishes of the Americas 2017

The 2017 themed evening was food from anywhere in the Americas. It was a sellout, with over 70 attendees. The volunteer cooks from both the congregation and other villagers had created eight different dishes and a similar number of desserts, such as Key Lime Pie, Mississippi mud pie etc.
Derek had produced a Quiz, once more, before becoming too ill. Unfortunately, he passed away the previous evening. Joyce very courageously gave the answers.
Over £1,000 was raised for St John's church funds.

There are 48 photos for this gallery.
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The tables have been set Guests start to arrive even before all the food is set out! The slow cookers are arranged
Some of the food More of the food Service begins
Anne explains a dish to John Others take their seats Service is by tables one at a time
Howard waits to serve wine etc Jenny serves husband Bob Keith tease Anne
Anne helps Chrissie to Jamaican chicken George helps himself to Corn bread Pam's turn
Len's turn Phillip's turn Anne & Jenny chat while waiting for John to reach them
Busy eaters Service continues Newcomers Chris & Steve fill their plates
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