Beating the Bounds 2017

There were fewer people attending this year due to illnesses or holidays, but those who did take part thoroughly enjoyed the day, whether they attended all three parts- walking round the village, praying and singing hymns at various spots, lunch at the Cross Keys, and the Rogation Service in the afternoon, or parts of it.

There are 21 photos for this gallery.
Gathering at St John's Church Beginning the walk En route to the first stop
At Pratt's farm At a Wild (Uncultivated) Place At a stream
At a Pasture At a rural enterprise At a wood- Lewis Peace's
Lewis Peace, oldest parishioner at 93yrs Walking from the wood with Lewis On the Village Green
At a House In a garden At an orchard
At an allotment Sowing seeds At a place of hospitality- Cross Keys pub
Pub lunch Pub lunch 2 Pub lunch 3