Beating the Bounds in Bellerby

More than 40 members of both St John's and St Matthew's congregations and Bellerby villagers enjoyed a traditional Beating of the Bounds of Bellerby on 6th May 2012. Starting at St John's Church, Rev Michael Hepper lead the group in prayers and hymns while visiting key places in the village. All then had lunch at the Cross keys Inn, followed by a Rogationtide Service in Church.
Liz Spairey provided musical accompaniment with a recorder during the Beating, while John Kiberd played the organ at the Church.
The weather was perfect and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the day.

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Walking from St John's In Church Street Entering a farmstead
Hymn at farm Hymn at a Wild and uncultivated place Hymn at pasture
hymn at pasture 2 hymn at pasture 3 Mill lane
Arriving at beck Hymn at a Stream Hymn at a Stream 2
At an Allotment At an allotment 2 at an allotment 3
on the Green At a wood or copse walking from the wood
walking to Village Green Hymn at Village Green At a house or cottage
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