Bellerby Beating the Bounds 14

There was a very good turnout of people to Beat the Bounds in Bellerby in May 2014. This was despite a very poor weather forecast. Their faith was rewarded by sunshine for most of the walk!
Members of the congregations of both St John's and St Matthew's, and a few from neither, enjoyed the walk, with prayers and hymns at 11 separate locations, followed by an excellent lunch at the Cross Keys pub. As a result, the Rogation Service at St John's started 45 minutes late!

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Gathering at St John's Church First hymn Leaving churchyard
Leaving churchyard2 Walking down C hurch street Gathering opposite Memorial Hall
Hymn in Church street Pratt's Farm Arriving at Pratt's farm
Hymn at Farm A wild place Hymn at wild place
By a stream Blessing the water Walking to next stop
Crossing footbridge Gathering at meadow Hymn by meadow and road
Crossing road Blessing a workshop Inside Elaine's studio
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