Jubilee Beacon

Parishes throughout the UK were encouraged to light beacons at 10.20pm on June 4th.
Rev Michael Hepper bought a gas fired beacon and a small group of parishioners helped him set it up high up in one of Harry Petty's fields.
More than 40 people turned up in the evening and were welcomed into the home of Harry and Andelene Petty for sherry and nibbles before walking up their field to the beacon.
Once the beacon was lit, everyone enjoyed mulled wine and warm pasties as they watched fireworks.
The beacons on Penhill and East Witton could be seen.
Thanks to Richard Sanderson for generously donating the gas for the beacon.

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Group with Len's tractor How do we do this? What's the liquid for?
Chris tying a support rope Len connecting the gas bottles Now what do we do?
Trial ignition! Beacon is lit! The watchers
Watching fireworks Enjoying mulled wine Lighting fireworks
Firework winding down group watching end of beacon
organisers next to beacon